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News Others May 9, 2014

Tax recovery, registration: DGI&I IR empowered to carry out assessment, audit

Date: May 09, 2014

The Federal Board of Revenue has empowered the Directorate General (Intelligence &
Investigation), Inland Revenue (IR) to enforce filing of income tax returns, wealth statements
and compulsory registration of new taxpayers, authorising the directorate to carry out
assessment/provisional assessment and audit of the registered persons for recovery of taxes.

The FBR has issued SRO.351(I)/2014 here on Thursday to considerably enhance the powers of
the agency to operate like a Regional Tax Office (RTO). Through SRO.351(I)/2014, the
Directorate General (Intelligence & Investigation), IR has become a parallel assessment
organisation in the presence of Large Taxpayer Units (LTUs) and Regional Tax Office (RTOs),
sources said.