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SRO.351(I)/2014 Considerably enhance the powers of the agency to operate like a Regional Tax Office (RTO)

SRO Number:                 351(I)/2014

SRO Date:                       May 07, 2014

SRO Relates To:            SROs>> Income Tax

SRO Title:                       S.R.O 351(I)/2014

Brief Description:         This is considerably enhance the powers of the agency to operate like a
Regional Tax Office (RTO) .Through SRO.351(I)/2014, the
Directorate General (Intelligence & Investigation), IR has become a parallel
assessment organisation in the presence of Large Taxpayer Units (LTUs) and
Regional Tax Office (RTOs).


Pakistan – Srilanka (FTA) SRO 280(I)/2014

SRO Number:                      SRO 280(I)/2014
SRO Date:                            April 08, 2014
SRO Relates To:                 
Imports & Custom Duties
SRO Title:                            
Pakistan – Srilanka Free Trade Agreement
Brief Description:               Import of 993 items from Sri Lanka,FBR announces tariff concessions


Indirect Taxes Sales Tax March 28, 2014

Input tax allowed against provincial laws

SRO Number:       212(I)/2014
SRO Date:            March 26, 2014
SRO Relates to:   Sales Tax
SRO Title:             Input tax adjustment allowed against provincial laws
Brief Description:  The claim of input related to Provincial Sales Tax on Services is allowed from July 01, 2013

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